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U19s big win over St Bernards at the Boss

The Hampton Rovers Under 19s continued their good form, with a 114-point win over St Bernards at Boss James Reserve.

1st Qtr
Right from the 1st bounce the Rovers had all the early play, one of many great stoppage plays saw a quick kick deep into the forward line where Joey Wilson quickly snapped truly for the 1st of what would be a stellar day. 

Ben Marron & Rocco Lagana (on debut for the U19’s) were creating an impenetrable wall with some great intercepts, keeping it our forward line. Rovers were moving the ball well and Jacob Beams was on the end of some great link-up handball snapping truly for his 1st goal. 

We continue to control the play however when St.Bernards did get it forward, Hamish Adams was on display with multiple intercept marks. Langas l& Sharpie were running hard on both wings & a great double switch saw Sharpie’s great run & carry hit Jacob on the lead & a steady set shot for his 2nd goal. 

When St. Bernard’sagain managed to get it forward Zach Mackay was in control & marshalling the back line superbly. Great intercepts by Pat, Bully & Peter kept them out, then a crunching tackle by Garbo led to another goal by Jacob. St.Bernard’s then produced a great running goal, but the “Mark of the day” (not a specky) came next with Joey picking one up off his bootlaces on a hard lead, then finished off with a 40m set-shot for his 2ndgoal. Fantastic start!

Rovers 5.5 = 35 St.Bernards 1.1 = 7

2nd Qtr
St.Bernards brought more pressure but Cameron & Zach continued to repel until finally St.Bernards snapped for their 2nd goal. From then Rovers increased the pressure again but St.Bernards flooded so the ball lived in our very crowded forward line for 5 frustrating minutes. Finally broken open with an awesome pack mark by Ben Marron who switched to Seb on the open side & a beautiful kick hit Joey on the lead & anther goal. With Ben Allen winning every centre tap, a great ball to Seb again on the outside hit Peter Clarke for his 1st goal – 2 in 2 minutes, now we’re talking. 

Next came a coast to coast effort with great changes of angles, bamboozling the opposition, it was Zach to Peter to Rocco to Campbell & his first goal – beautiful to watch. St.Bernards came hard again but Cameron often left 1-on-1 saved more than 1 goal with great spoils and Lachie Fraser and Hugo Lay working hard and taking some more great intercept marks. Another great switch ended up with Joey on the lead & his 4th goal.

Rovers 9.7 = 61 St.Bernards 2.3 = 15

3rd Qtr
The 3rd opened up with Rovers run on show, another great switch saw Langa burst from the backline to Peter to Joey (on fire) for another goal. Our rucks Ben Allen & Max leaver continued to give us 1st use, and we marvelled at more great runs from Ben Marron (who surely had leather poisoning) & Sharpie. Harry Gower (also on debut today for the U19’s) took a great competitive mark and was rewarded with his 1st goal. 

Whenever it went into defence Garbo was there, so many great tackles & spoils, he is a rock. And Zach continued to kick-start the play from defence with great switches & hitting targets, another one to Langa to Sharpie to Per Bellarts to Jacob and another goal. Jacob was on fire today, where has this form been? Then Ben Marron super tough inside, winning everything out to Sharpie for his first goal. And to finish the quarter another coast to coast ended up with Joey & his 6th goal …. Is a record on the cards?

Rovers  14.8 = 92 St.Bernards    3.3 = 21

4th Qtr
The defence structure was amazing, St.Bernards just couldn’t break through at all with super efforts from Per Bellarts, Cameron & Hamish would also got into the act with an awesome burst run. Ben Marron continued to be in everything & was impossible to tackle with his Dusty Martinesque “don’t argues”. Then next goal came from Zach again hitting the target in Harry who hit-up Joey & goal number 7 (record here we come …). Some great attack through the centre corridor saw Joey unselfishly handball over to Ben Marron for his 1st goal for today (does Joey know he’s so close????). 

Again another great switch which left St.Bernards lost & back into the corridor to Ben Marron again & another goal. We’re still winning everything in the centre & it’s quickly into Joey’s area who picks up a groundball & left foot snap for another goal – what a day! The forward  line is cleared out to give Joey room to move, but alas that was his 9th & last as some great play by Per Bellarts with a snap over the shoulder goal and Ben Marron, who now had the ball on a string for his 3rd & final goal to see us out.

A great win & great team footy to watch.

Hampton Rovers       21.9 (135)
St.Bernards     3.3 (21)
Goals; Joey Wilson 9, J. Beams 4, B.Marron 3, P. Bellarts, C. Bennett, P. Clarke, H. Gower & L. Sharp
Best; J.Beams, J.Wilson, H. Adam’s, L Fraser, Z. Mackay, P. Bellarts

Thanks to our Volunteers once again this week; Time keep & scoreboard – Jason Cave & Gavin Sharp, Runner – Joe Eccles, Round 11 Report – Brad Langdon, Trainer – Carly Murphy

Next week we are at home again up against Marcellin College at 2pm.

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