VAFA Advantage Program

Please note: The VAFA Advantage Program has been discontinued.

VAFA Advantage is a new rewards program that’ll offer players and members of the Hampton Rovers Football Club a range of exclusive deals, discounts and value-adds. Read on to find out more and how you can get involved. Initially launched in 2020, the program will fully-launch in 2021.

  • PLAYERS are required to sign-up to to the program during the 2021 online player registration process at a cost of $11. If you paid the fee during registration for 2020, you won’t have to pay it again this year.
  • MEMBERS will receive free access to the program as part of their 2021 club membership package.
  • SPONSORS can get involved in the program by listing a special offer or discount at no extra cost, included as part of your club sponsorship package.

Access to the VAFA Advantage program will be via an App which will be available on iPhone’s and Android devices. The App will launch prior to the 2021 season and will be free to download from the App Store.

VAFA Advantage FAQ’s

Is the $11 fee compulsory for all VAFA registered players?
Yes. The fee will be paid during the online player registration process.

Do players need to pay the fee again if they paid it in 2020?
The VAFA has advised players who paid the fee in 2020, will not have to pay the $11 fee again during registration for the 2021 season, due to the program not launching last year and season not going ahead.

How will players access the App?
When the App goes live, players will receive notification by email which will include an access code.

What are the program benefits for the players?
The deals available cover a wide range of categories including travel, hospitality, retail and sporting goods. We also hope to include some offers from Hampton Rovers FC sponsors.

Do players who are only playing a few games also need to register?
All players must be registered to play and it is not possible to cater separately for players playing differing numbers of games. The VAFA believe any player who registers will get value for money by having access to the VAFA Advantage app.

When will the App be available to download?
It’s anticipated that the App will be available by early March.

Why is the VAFA introducing this fee and what will the funds be used for?
The costs associated with running Australia’s biggest and best community football competition continue to rise. The VAFA has only increased club affiliation fees once in the past 6 years. In order for the VAFA to continue to provide our clubs and players with a high standard, sustainable competition and affordable affiliation fees, alternative revenue streams need to be explored. There are a number of leagues and codes throughout the country who impose a similar levy, but unlike the VAFA, do not offer a
rewards program like VAFA Advantage.
How will the Rovers benefit from the VAFA Advantage program?
Hampton Rovers is making our sponsorship packages more attractive by offering access to the wider VAFA community through the program and making our membership packages more attractive by offering access to the App.

Have more questions?
Please feel free to contact someone on the Hampton Rovers Senior Committee to find out more, or get in touch with the VAFA.

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