Roverians Launched

The Roverians is a new initiative formed to bring together the huge number of people that have been involved with the Hampton Rovers Football Club while helping grow support for the club at all levels.

It is targeted at, but not limited to, past & present players, partners, parents and supporters of the club.

The initiative was launched at last Friday’s Domino Luncheon with many people expressing interest and lots of potential names put forward. It will be given another kick-along at this Saturday’s Rovers Premiership Reunion function.

The Roverians will run alongside existing Hampton Rovers Football Club membership.

The club is looking to get in contact with all past players. If you are a former player or are in contact with other past players, we would love to hear from you.

Gary Nash is the inaugural president of the Roverians while Peter Wolfe is treasurer.

Further details and details on how to join will be made available shortly.


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